Traumschläger Kollektiv e. V. ( is a union of several artists of every kind mainly in Frankfurt am Main Germany. For 5 years I am a loose member of this collective of great people and many projects have been started through them. Every two weeks on wednesdays, there is a meeting (meet & art) in a different bar in Frankfurt. Check out their homepage for more.


Ensemble Entropie ( is a contemporary jazz band from Frankfurt and Berlin. In spring 2019 I had the chance and pleasure to be on tour with them through germany (Leipzig, Wiesbaden, Aachen and two times Berlin), and I got a lot of experience as a documentary film maker and inspiration for my work and personality. Visit their homepage and social media to learn more, and go see them live!



Gunther Michels aka Vagabundler ( is a culturally dedicated journalist from Frankfurt, who travels the world and the local culture scene to see, document and share all the great stuff people and artists do. I meet him around at events very often, and I have a reason to believe that he is literally everywhere. He also is a radio journalist at the independant radio station RadioX, and I recommend you to visit his homepage to learn more and to see, in which projects he is involved.


Yohazid ( is a critical singer songwriter based in Frankfurt, with whom I work together once in a while. His musical influences are Punk Rock, several kinds of Metal and Rap, however he has created a unique sound, though you can hear his roots in his music. To learn more, see his social media on bandcamp, YouTube and Facebook, visit his blog and go see him live open air or inside. There are rumors, that a new music video will be released soo, so stay tuned.


Klosterpresse e. V. (, formed in 1967, is an interdisciplinary artist workshop. Historical printing techniques (lithography and etching) are practiced and tought. There is also studio work in the areas drawing, stage design, theatre, music theater, film, literature and poetry performances. The artists produce their premieres, there are exhibitions by artists from the region, readings, theatre performances, experimental film, outsider art, workshops and socio-cultural district work with children and young people (printing techniques, drawing and theatre plays).


Vanja Dingeldein ( is an english singing singer songwriter and loop artist from Frankfurt whose songs have a very relaxing and inspirational feel to them. He is one of the local artists I got to know personally and had the chance to work with. There are rumors that he will be releasing a new album soon, at this point late summer 2020. Visit his homepage to see more, follow him on YouTube, Bandcamp and other social media to stay tuned and go see him live.


Leo Dorian ( is a director of photography and colorist based in Frankfurt I got to know through recommendations. In two of his projects, I had the opportunity to participate in professional productions as an electrician, like in the music video Six Eight by Doux. To learn more, visit his website and follow him on Vimeo. I am looking forward, what he will be publishing in future.


Ivan Habernal Quartet ( plays entierely own compositions with focus on tight grooves and colorful harmonies. It features prominent musicians from Frankfurt's scene, namely Peter Klohmann on sax, Andrey Shabashev on piano, and Martin Standke on drums. In early 2020, the band recorded their first album containing eight originals from the band leader and bassist Ivan Habernal. In September 2020 there was a live gig at Milchsackfabrik Frankfurt am Main, where they performed Late October Sunday amongst others.


Harkening back to the days when skaters were still considered rebels and punk was in the underground, Scheisse Minnelli ( channels the spirits of the sound and attitude of 80s west coast hc skate punk, blending raw punk riffing with musical prowess and poigniant lyrics that range from social issues to personal struggles into to a style all their own. Dedicated to their music and their often wreckless lifestyle, Scheisse Minnelli are a rare and shining example of practicing what one preaches. Though they’ve evolved…matured?...over the years, they show no signs of ever changing or calling it quits. I participated at two of their music videos as film maker, namely Yer in a Trance and Chata.


Steffi Tauber is an artist, who has lived with the nerve-racking disease called Multiple Sclerosis for over a decade. Her music project TAIKA ( explores the highs and lows of dealing with all the limitations the MS has brought into her life. And everything that hides in between the highs and lows - everything that glows (like in the music video Glow) and makes life worth living. I already worked for her with the video Never Today, and am looking forward to participate in future video projects.


Ayefore is an experimental rock- project, ranging from the guitar driven alternative rock of the nineties to more prog- rock oriented parts, incorporating keys and synths into their arrangements. Over the years Ayefore have seen a couple of lineup changes resulting in a slim configuration of members as of 2018. Right now Ayefore consist of Daniel Boersch and Ryan Leverenz-Mompellio, writing and producing together and adding hired professionals to record their music in the studio. 

Ayefore have released three albums („smoking gum evidence“, „burnout juggernaut“ and „who knows where the wind has gone“)  since their very first appearance in 2002. 

A new album is in the making titled „side wind season“. It’s release is planned for the first half of 2021.


The Jazzquartet J|Sound impresses above all with its clear lines. Whether powerfully propelling, rousing energetic or colourfully shimmering and atmospherically dreamy each and every one of the multi-faceted, original composition creates an individual atmosphere that hits the mark. " The Band experiments with shapes, sounds, dynamics and balances. It explores the load-bearing capacity of electrical and electronic components, different aggregate states of melody, volumes and ways of increasing rhythms and they do not look around indecisively but master their material and don't lack any clarity." (FR) Due to the high virtuoso versatility of the individual band members all ingredients merge into a dynamic overall sound. 2020 J|Sound released their second album ‘Loose Tongue’.

This chapter is constantly under construction