Traumschläger Kollektiv ( is a union of several artists of every kind mainly in Frankfurt am Main Germany. For 5 years I am a loose member of this collective of great people and many projects have been started through them. Every two weeks on wednesdays, there is a meeting (meet & art) in a different bar in Frankfurt. Check out their homepage for more.


Ensemble Entropie ( is a contemporary jazz band from Frankfurt and Berlin. In spring 2019 I had the chance and pleasure to be on tour with them through germany (Leipzig, Wiesbaden, Aachen and two times Berlin), and I got a lot of experience as a documentary film maker and inspiration for my work and personality. Visit their homepage and social media to learn more, and go see them live!



Gunther Michels aka Vagabundler ( is a culturally dedicated journalist from Frankfurt, who travels the world and the local culture scene to see, document and share all the great stuff people and artists do. I meet him around at events very often, and I have a reason to believe that he is literally everywhere. He also is a radio journalist at the independant radio station RadioX, and I recommend you to visit his homepage to learn more and to see, in which projects he is involved.


This tab is constantly under construction, more friends and partners to come :)