welcome to michaeldruener.de

instagram: @mi.lensflare.chi   |   facebook: mi.lensflare.chi

My official Job title is Digital Film Maker.

In 2012, I startet film making, when I began to study digital film and visual effects in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

A process of finding unique ways of creativity to put essential statements across while  developping a technical skillset just begun which I guess will take at least a decade. 

See my blog, that I just started, to learn about my philosophies and my current relevant digital film output.

My new challenge, to create several cinematics over this year 2021, is also new. 

To read information about me or to contact me, see the chapters  vita  and about/contact

People I worked with, or whose links I like to share, are described in people.

 To watch one of all of my digital film clips, visit my official YouTube channel "Michael Druener"

Always enjoy it and successfully be! :D